Finavera Wind Energy is British Columbia’s proven leader in wind energy. 

We are a publicly traded wind energy development company that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2003, Finavera is focused on developing, constructing, and operating wind farms in Ireland and North America. With four energy projects in British Columbia, Finavera will be generating 301 megawatts of clean energy — enough to power 75,000 households — by program completion in 2015. Construction on the first project begins next year.

These projects in the Peace Region will provide more than just energy. They will stimulate the local economy, creating jobs today while we generate the clean power of tomorrow.  All four BC wind projects have been awarded 25-year electricity purchase agreements with BC Hydro, which will provide a stable revenue stream when in operation. 

As a proud BC company, we are building on a proven track record of wind development in Ireland’s Cloosh Valley. Finavera recently signed an agreement with Scottish and Southern Energy for the co-development of the 105 MW project on Ireland’s West coast. A robust pipeline of future projects is also being developed in order to increase shareholder value in the long-term.

The company is led by a team of passionate and experienced executives who have had a pivotal role in the company’s proven and prudent evolution. The engineering and technical team is world-class and is dedicated to maximizing the generation of energy from northeast BC’s unparalleled wind resources. Additionally, Finavera partnered with GE Energy with the signing of a $7.5 million Joint Development Agreement, which provides funding stability and wind project development expertise.

Finavera Wind Energy is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V:FVR) and is one of the fastest growing pure wind companies in North America.


To create and operate a viable renewable energy business while protecting and enhancing the physical and social environment.


To be the premier wind energy developer in North America.

Core Values

Integrity and Respect

Carrying out daily business activities in an honest and reliable manner that establishes trust with our partners and stakeholders.


Protecting and enhancing the physical and social environments surrounding project development sites. 


Engaging in open and honest dialogue with surrounding communities to give individuals a voice and to help alleviate potential issues or concerns.


Reaching milestones through teamwork, partnerships and continuous relationship building.

Organizational Excellence

Ensuring goals and objectives are met through leadership, performance and critical evaluation.